Truth - The Bible, as the Word of God, is the sole authority for our lives. Truth is the catalyst for transformation, setting people free from binding, destructive lifestyles and philosophies.

Grace - God's unconditional love, sacrifice and favor is for everyone. God accepts each of us as we are, calling us to a higher level of living to the fullest. 

Worship - Our lives are for His glory. "Pure. Worship." should involve the whole person: body, emotions, intellect, and will. It is a lifestyles of obedience, not simply a once a week experience. 

Community/Fellowship - We were designed to live and grow in a series of relationships. Intimate relationships with God, family, fellow believers and our neighbors. 

Evangelism - Through the cross Jesus Christ valued humanity, the only eternal creation, above everything and we should as well. 

Discipleship - God saved us with the express purpose of transforming us and developing us into His image and likeness; this is the journey of a lifetime. 

Stewardship - God has entrusted in us: time, talent, and treasure, expecting us to invest them first in His Kingdom, for His glory. 

Our Story

CLC of Centerton became a reality on April 5th 2010.  My wife and I felt a burden to plant a church in the Centerton area.  Through prayer and vision we opened our doors that Easter Sunday, 2010.  We had just a few people, however God met with us in a big way, and we knew He was with us.  We soon began to grow and we are currently in our third location.

Pastor King


The Future

Back in 2013 we purchased a piece of property that is now located very close to the New High School in Centerton.  We are expecting to build soon and excited about the revival God has in store for us.

Pastor King